Creating an original personal essay in few steps

College applications can be very stressful but they are very important to a student’s academic future. Many colleges use essays as part of their applications as a tool to find the best student for their program and there are many topics you may be asked to write on for that application. In most cases, this essay will be your only chance to make the college selection committee notice you and like you. There is a lot riding on this essay and writing a strong personal essay is essential to getting into the college of your dreams. Keeping some key points in mind can help you be successful and get into the college you want.

  1. Write about yourself but don’t brag. Instead of rattling off a list of all of your accomplishments and achievements, focus in on the ones that apply to the degree you are wanting to pursue and the college you hope to attend. Also, when talking about your accomplishments be sure to also talk about what motivated you, what challenged you, how you achieved those goals, and what the result was once you reached those goals. This helps the committee get to know you but keeps the paper from becoming nothing more than a bragging rights list, which is not what the committee is looking for in your personal essay.
  2. Relate yourself to the college. Anyone can say they want to be a student at the college or that they would be a great fit for the program. However, if you can demonstrate how you can help the college or what you can bring to the table it will make you that much more appealing in the eyes of the committee members. A student can say they that they could help make a program better but if you can give examples of how you would do this and how the college and the specific program or field would benefit from having you in board, you can paint a much more convincing argument for why you should be selected.
  3. Take your time and do a good job. Your academic future could be resting on the essay you write for the selection committee. Now is not the time to slack off and procrastinate. Do not write your personal essay a few days before the deadline. Write, review, edit, and rewrite as many times as necessary to get it right. This essay could be your only chance to impress the committee, so make sure you invest the effort and time needed.