Writing Admission Essays is No Easy Task

Writing a college admissions essay can be a truly daunting task. After all, it’s the one essay that can potentially change your life for the better or worse. So many questions run through your head: “What do I write? What does the review board want to read? What if they don’t like my essay?” There is so much anxiety associated with these thoughts that it’s no wonder so many college applicants dread the prospect of writing an admission essay. The good news is that admissions essays do not have to be the subject of your nightmares! According to a professional admission essay writing service, if you follow a simple model, it is possible to create an amazing essay with minimal anxiety.

  • Review the guidelines and criteria of the essay. Most colleges and universities have specific guidelines that they want applicants to follow when writing their admissions essays. It is crucial to understand these guidelines prior to beginning the writing process. In most cases, the prompt will be provided, for instance, you may be asked to describe an experience that had a significant impact on your life.
  • Brainstorm Ideas. Once you understand the requirements of the essay, you can begin brainstorming ideas that follow the given prompt. This step will allow you to consider all of the experiences you have had that pertain to the topic, then select the best choice as the subject of your essay.
  • Write a Rough Draft. The rough draft is your opportunity to get your thoughts on paper. It doesn’t have to be perfect (and almost never is), but it allows your thoughts to flow without having to stop and think about grammar, punctuation, etc. The important thing is to get the story or idea down in a cohesive manner, mistakes can be fixed during revisions.
  • Proofread and Revise. Since most people are not able to write a perfect personal statement on the first try, it is imperative that you take the time to proofread and revise your rough draft. Use any tools available to make it easier, such as the spelling and grammar-check functions on word processing software. When you proofread, pay close attention to paragraph cohesion (only one topic per paragraph), fluidity of transitions between paragraphs, word choice, and punctuation. Whenever possible, have someone else read your essay; they may find errors you missed, and can give you feedback on areas of strength and weakness.

These four easy steps can help improve the quality of your writing, and remove a great deal of the stress and anxiety associated with writing a college admissions essay. The task may still be intimidating, but if you are prepared and follow a simple essay-writing model, you can prove to yourself and to the college review board that you are ready and able to meet the challenge!