The Risks of Using an Admission Essay Writing Service

Nothing in the world is guaranteed, especially when it comes to paid services. A contractor may say that they’ll have your extension finished in three weeks, but we all really know it’s going to amount to two months. It’s the same with writing services. Any time you employ a writing service, you run several risks that could cause you more harm than good. Of these risks, two stand out above all. Before you employ an essay service, make sure you know exactly what complications you may be in for!

Risk #1: The Dreaded Scam

Of course, one of the worst risks you take when using an admission essay writing service is the risk that it isn’t a real service at all. There are hundreds of scam sites and companies that would be riveted to get their hands on your personal information, and they can easily use an essay service as a front. They know that desperate students are not always practicing extreme caution when they’re hounding sites for essay help, and they know exactly what to say to grab your attention. These sites often advocate ridiculously low prices and extremely high promises, but end up offering little information when it comes to company-client contact. This, above all, is the biggest risk you take – because it opens your up to identity theft as well as financial loss.

Risk #2: The False Identity

An admission essay is, essentially, your first chance to make an excellent impression on the college of your choice. The essay is more than just some assignment meant to impress the college board: it’s a reflection of you. Therefore, by using an admission essay writing service, you run the risk of making yourself out to be something your not. It’s a very simple error. With someone else writing the essay, the essay may not have your particular voice and style. Not only could this create a misrepresentation of your ability and style, but it could cause problems further down the road when your college writing isn’t equal to your admission writing.

The other factor at work here is the risk that the writer crafting your essay will also misrepresent you and your accomplishments. If, for some unfortunate reason, you aren’t able to communicate effectively with your writer, they may input things into your essay that are not true reflections of your beliefs or achievements. This can be a serious, serious problem, and cause you to lose your credibility with the college admissions office.