Application Process: A Step by Step Guide

Applying for college can be a tedious process, but if you understand the statutory requirements the process can be streamlined. You will initially need an application after which you will need to declare a major of study. Next you will need to see an advising counselor. They will guide you to the right classes to enroll in for your preferred major. After enrollment, you will need to obtain books, parking passes, and a student ID card. There are a variety of resources available to support students such as grants, tutoring, and meal programs. Some schools have programs to help pay some of your bills while attending school.

Schedule an appointment with your school counselor if you are still in high school or the college counselor if you have already graduated. Basically, you need create an action plan to help you get started. Together you will make a list of things to do next. The list will include transcripts, a strong cover letter, a description of your work, volunteer work, and your goals. References can be very important, so choosing the most applicable references is something to think about. Be selective and choose references that closely highlight where you are headed. For example if you are seeking to study science, your science teachers would make good references. Prior to listing the person as a reference, make sure to contact them and request their assistance by clearly stating what your intentions for the future are. Any time you can include a portfolio of your capabilities it enhances the application process. If you played in your high school band and becoming a band teacher is an option for you then a video taken of you performing throughout the year can be the deciding factor of whether you are accepted into your desired program.

Having a strong work ethic is crucial in any career and having a professional who is currently working in the applicable field of study is always good strengthening factor. You only get one chance for your first impression with a college, so it is critical to present yourself in the most impressive way which means grammar and punctuation are important. Ask for help from a parent, teacher, or friend, so that your application has been reviewed and revised before submitting it.