Top 15 admission essay writing tips from students

Who do you think is the best person to ask for advice on writing college admission essays? Students who are currently in college have a great perspective on this topic because they have been freshly accepted into their schools and remember vividly the process of writing their own admissions essays.

You should not be stressed out about your essay because it is your chance to show off your personality and to express to the college of your choice why you will be a good fit for their school. College students are an opinionated group of individuals and will certainly jump at the opportunity to give you some ideas about your college admissions essay.

Here are fifteen tips from college students about writing an admissions essay:

  1. Be honest – it is important to give an accurate impression of yourself
  2. Free write before beginning the essay, it will get ideas flowing
  3. Ask yourself questions about your best qualities, then write down your answers
  4. Focus on your personal and academic achievements
  5. Express why you are a good fit for the campus
  6. Show what you will accomplish in college
  7. Demonstrate that you exemplify the college’s mission statement
  8. Don’t simply list your achievement or qualities – use examples
  9. Write about what is important to you
  10. Keep it short, admissions counselors have a lot of work to do
  11. Don’t be afraid to be daring, you need to catch the college’s attention
  12. Be interesting and unique
  13. Leave the readers impressed and wanting to know more
  14. Have someone else proofread the essay for you
  15. Don’t take yourself so seriously!

These tips will assist you in writing your college admissions essay. It seems that the general rule of thumb here is to be yourself and let your personality shine through. There is no point in writing your college admissions essay in a perfectly crafted way if it does not really represent you.

The college admissions process can be stressful, but writing your college admissions essay should be a fun experience. You should learn about yourself while you are writing your essay. It should come naturally to you. Try to remember some of the best compliments someone has given you. Think about why they gave you those compliments and use those times as examples. It is utterly important to give specific examples of your achievements, how you got them, and how they changed you or shaped your personality.