How to Choose a Strong Topic for an Application Essay

When writing an application of any kind, they might ask for a writing sample. In such a sample, you’ll want to put to do your absolute best. You’ll want to choose a topic that seems relevant to both you and your reader and make sure to adhere to all the conventions of the essay.

All essays should have basically five elements. First, the essay should have a strong introduction, with attention-getting sentences to begin it. Next, you’ll want a thesis statement at the end of paragraph one—a thesis statement clearly states what you’re going to prove in your essay. For example, you might argue that “we must do more to prevent the damage to the environment caused by global warming.”

Then you’ll want three paragraphs of solid evidence. Evidence should be presented that strongly proves your thesis. Evidence of a global warming thesis should be easy—and you must stick with your thesis. Your thesis is that we need to do more “ so you’ll have a choice—you can either prove why we must do something now, or give three clear steps of what we must do to stop global warming now.

There are all kinds of strong topics for an application essay. The ones on education would be very important.

  1. Here are three things individuals can do to help stop global warming.
  2. Medical marijuana should be legalized throughout the United States.
  3. All high school students should serve their final year in the Peace Corps.
  4. We should have more humanities courses in high school.
  5. I believe students should have more of a classical education.
  6. We should rethink how long students spend in high school.
  7. Technology helps children to learn.
  8. Technology does not help children to learn.
  9. Should computer games be used as educational tools.
  10. Online learning is just as effective as in-the-classroom learning.
  11. Face-to-face learning is far superior to online learning.
  12. Are we wasting too much time texting?
  13. Is the internet making us more alone?
  14. Is Facebook being used to bully young people too much today?
  15. We must have stricter punishments for cyber- bullying teens.
  16. The internet is preventing families from experiencing closeness today.
  17. The Internet has taken over peoples’ lives too much.
  18. Should handwriting still be taught in schools?