College application essays are hard to complete

It's true that college application essays are hard to complete though not if you follow a few simple rules. But it's not so much doing the right thing as it is avoiding doing the wrong things. This article gives you tips on the positives, on how you can make your college application essay a winner, while at the same time telling you the things to avoid so that you can decrease your chances of producing a shocker.

The things to do

Give your college application essay some life. A dry as a bone essay regurgitating facts and figures is boring. Spice up your application essay. Of course I'm not suggesting you add an off-color joke but humor, wit and some imaginative and clever writing will certainly improve your chances.

Of course you must never overdo the light touches always bearing in mind the importance of your essay. Be serious and show you have a serious attitude to your potential college life and that you are a dedicated and hard-working student.

The examiners and the people interviewing you for your place in the college want to know about you, the person. They'll get quite a bit of information if you have an interview but even so your college application essay can reveal so much about the real you. How can you make your essay stands out? If you have outstanding academic results then by all means list you achievements. But don't forget your life story. Don't forget important personal information which makes you who you are, an interesting even fascinating person.

Get the balance right as far as the tone of your college application essay is concerned. You want to sound enthusiastic but well-balanced. You need to come across as someone who takes tertiary study very seriously, who wants to gain as much as possible from your time at this college but who will also be someone who can contribute to the institution.

Things not to do

Do not use bad English. Nothing kills an application more quickly than someone who hasn't taken the time to get the spelling, punctuation and grammar right in the first place. If you're not sure about your English, get someone to check it out for you first.

Do not big note yourself. Humility is an excellent characteristic.

Do not be a wise guy, someone making so-called jokes to try and make a favorable impression.

Do not overwrite. The advice that ‘less is more’ certainly applies in this case.