Entrance essay writing guide: how to stand out

It is almost time when every high school student will be writing admission essays. The difficult part is that students apply to more than one university and for every institute they have to write a new essay from the scratch. The reason behind this is that every university has a different essay prompt and the students have to keep that in mind while writing the admission essays.

Qualities of a good admission essay

The admission officers receive hundreds and thousands of essays every day, if you want to get selected it is important that your essay stands out. You must write an essay that is accurate and precise. Here are a few things a well-written application essay must have:

  • It should answer the essay prompt
  • It is written with the average reader in mind
  • It is engaging and is fun to read
  • It must be able to help the reader visualize the examples and persons
  • It should have very strong introductory lines

Focusing on the prompt

If you really want your admission essay to stand out then you should focus on the essay prompt the most. This is because the more relevant your essay is to the prompt the better chances are of it being selected. Read the prompt carefully, mark the keywords and then answer each one of them step by step. Do not miss out anything that is demanded. If a student writes a very good essay but misses to answer the essay prompt then his essay will be rejected and the admission officers might think that he had not written the essay by himself and has sent a copied essay.

Understand your audience

Students are usually very scared of the admission officers. They think of them as rigid and strict people who will reject their essay if they are not in a good mood. This is not the case at all. The admission officers are kind and supportive. They encourage talent and appreciate true skills. They are keen to find someone who is creative and honest. If you understand this thing then you will be comfortable in writing the essay. The admission officers will appreciate if you have stayed honest in your essay and have penned down the real life events to support your essay. Make sure the essay you write is comprehensive and does not have complicated sentence structure which may confuse your reader.