What to avoid when writing admission essays

So you are applying for high school or university admission. For most of you it is going to be your first time. In earlier grades you are only supposed to fill an application form with a few particulars but at higher levels securing admission demands a little more efforts than before. In your young age maybe all the admission forms were filled by your parents and you never had to worry about getting admission. The efforts started only after the start of the academic semester. However as you grow old you have to take more responsibilities and tackle more issues than earlier.

What should you avoid in an admission essay?

Admission essays are written in order to be attached to the university application form. They are read by the admission officer who will decide whether or not to grant you admission on the basis of the essay you wrote. The admission officer receives plenty of essays on a regular basis during the admission season and most of them are similar to each other. The reason is that most of the students are applying for the first time so they all have no previous experience. The university specifies an essay prompt and most students tend to answer it in the same way. Make sure your essay stands out from the rest of the crowd and for doing that you will need to avoid few things.

  • Follow the essay prompt properly. Try to think of different aspects that other students will not have thought of.
  • Avoid writing about all your accomplishments in the same essay. You can include your straight A’s and high SAT scores in other parts of the application.
  • Don’t be too whiny. This will sound like you want to earn sympathies of the admission officer
  • Avoid bragging about yourself. Even if you have achieved something in your personal life write it in a way that is humble.
  • The admission officers don’t want to read fancy stories and heroic adventures. Try to write about real life events as everyone wants to get an insight into other people’s life.
  • Don’t write about obvious things
  • Don’t make your essay a travel journal. Only write about a journey if it is worth writing and if there is something unique about it.
  • Don’t let there be a margin for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. A very well written essay will lose all its value if it has grammatical errors.