College admission essay writing rules

Regardless of whether or not you are in high school or you just want to continue your education to college, you know that the way you write your admission essay can make the world of a difference. In the end, you will be competing with people who have probably studied the very same things as you in high school, who are all great at receiving good grades and who have all paid attention to the way they build their student resume. This means that the only thing that may actually make the difference between you and someone who has similar achievements will be the way you present yourself: your admission essay.

You should definitely pay attention to your admission essay and to how you write it, but do make sure that the pressure of its importance will not leave you anxious and stressed out. Think positively, thing of what a great person you are and put everything in writing. Eventually, you will come up with a winner admission essay that will guarantee you a spot into one of the colleges of your choice. If you want to learn more about the rules behind this essay, then do read on.

  1. Remember that the essay should not be a more elaborate version of your resume or of the entire application, but something that will complete it. This is a mistake many students out there make and you should definitely avoid simply listing down your achievements in more words than you would do in an actual list. The admission officers will want to see the real you in this essay, not a list of achievements other students like you also have. Bring something new and let your personality shine through the essay. Still, remain as formal as possible and make sure that you do not become too colloquial.
  2. Make sure that you keep track of the word count. If your admission essay should be of maximum 600-650 words, do not go over that. You should show that you are able to actually stick to the rules.
  3. Pay a lot of attention to how you write your first paragraph. Although it should not be very informal, it should definitely be something that will grab the reader’s (the admission officer’s) attention. Make sure that you let a bit of the actual you be seen from the very first paragraph, because this is what wins admission officers.