Free Tips: Main Rules For Writing Scholarship Essays

When it comes to writing a scholarship essay, there are a few general rules that students should follow. Before they get started, students should figure out which scholarships they plan on applying to. Different scholarships have different essay requirements, so students will need to be familiar with the exact requirements of the competition before they can get started.

  • Follow the Theme
  • Some students choose to be lazy and send in the same scholarship essay to every scholarship competition. Not only is this a lazy approach, but it means that students could end up turning in an essay that does not match their school's theme. Each essay needs to match the theme required by the college. If the scholarship judges wants an essay on the value of community service, students should build an essay around the community service activities that they have done in the past.

  • Review the Essay
  • Once the essay is complete, students should make sure that they actually answered the question. While writing, it can be far too easy to become wrapped up in the essay. If students forget to fully answer the original question, they will be graded poorly by the scholarship judges. Students have to demonstrate they they should be given money for school. It is not up to the judges to provide money for every student to attend college. The scholarship committee will only give scholarship funds to a student that is worthy of it.

  • Use Personal Examples
  • There are many people who want to go to college who have achieved high grades and top test scores. It is up to the student to demonstrate what sets them apart. In roughly 500 words, the student will have to reveal who they are as a person and how they reached their current point in life. Be careful, though, because the scholarship should not sound like a list of activities and achievements. It needs to be personal and make a deep connection with the reviewer.

  • Edit, Edit, Edit
  • A student could have the best story and ideas in the world. If the reader is distracted by typos and grammatical issues, they will never fully understand the idea. Each typo distracts the reader from the overall message. Before students can send in a scholarship essay, they must make sure that they have thoroughly edited. Ideally, the essay should be checked by a teacher for errors before it is turned in.