What to know about writing application essays

The application essay writing process causes anxiety in many high school students. However, if done properly, it can have the right results. These are the factors one needs to consider when writing an application essay

  • The student needs to be brief- most application essays have a set number of minimum words required, usually 250 words. They however do not have an upper limit to the length of the essay. The admission officers read thousands of essays in a day so the student should be brief and to the point.
  • Honesty- there is no need to inflate the achievements. Honesty is important, and the essay needs to be the true reflection of the person applying for the position in the school.
  • Personal- the essay shows the admission officers why the student in question has the right characteristics for the school. It should be that the essay explains what sets the student apart from others. The essay should therefore be a personal account of how they are and not a generalized account of their life.
  • The essay should be coherent and avoid any unnecessary babble. The ideas should be arranged coherently and in a logical order. A good approach is for the student to talk about one topic at a time and avoid clutter and appearing superficial.
  • Accuracy is also important as the admissions officers also check this aspect. There have been instances of brilliant students being discounted on account of their poor language and errors. When editing their admission essays, students should be more than just normally accurate and go beyond. They should check the tools of writing like punctuations and spelling.
  • Use humor cautiously- the main aim is explaining about oneself, but the student should not let their essay be too serious. They should use a little bit of humor lighten the mood and get their message home. The smile on the face of the admissions officer can only help their case. But the use of humor should be cautiously, and should not be too much or distasteful.
  • It can help the student if they are smart in their application essay. There are probably thousands of students applying to the same university each of them explaining to the admissions officers why they are unique. The student can benefit from showing their intellectual vitality in the essay. Colleges are intellectual places and the admissions and the admissions officers will no doubt respond positively to an intellectually sound mind.