Don't mention these things in your application essay

If you are applying for college or a scholarship, you will most likely need to write an application essay. These essays are the first opportunity for high school students to make a first impression on the admissions office. Even though students have to take standardized tests, most colleges require students to write essays than not. Some colleges have very simple essay topics that involve students sharing important events in their lives, but other colleges have creative topics that require students to think outside of the box.

Do Not Get Overly Personal

Whatever type of essay you are tasked with writing, there are several things you should never include in the essay. Colleges admissions offices cannot discriminate against applicants for gender, religion, age, or any other reasons. However, so that students do not have to worry about colleges knowing anything about their personal lives, student should leave extremely personal information out of their essays.

New Topics to Show Writing Ability

Colleges are beginning to swap their topics about important events in their applicants lives because of the fact that too many students write about mission trips with their youth groups or other events that showcase information that can be rather sensitive when it comes to legal language. With the creative topics, students no longer tell about personal events, so college applicant specialists are judging the essays on the writing rather than the event.

Overcoming Difficulties has Become Cliche

It is always a good idea to avoid writing about anything illegal, too. So many high school students want to talk about mistakes they made. It is never a good idea to share mistakes like drinking, doing drugs, or engaging in other illegal activity. College admissions offices will not want to take a student that could cause problems while enrolled. Even if students have turned their lives around, they should not share this information when they are trying to make a strong first impression. It may seem like the admissions essay is the place where you bare your soul to show how much you have grown, but college admissions departments are more interested in their potential students’ academic history and potential.

The best advice for students who need to write an application essays is to write to impress. You never want to reveal too much personal information, but you want to craft an essay that will help you get into the college of your choice.