How To Make Your Pharmacy Personal Essay Stand Out?

While many students may see writing a pharmacy personal essay as a daunting task, it is actually a creative way of telling the school why you want to pursue your career goals. In other words, you are letting the school get to know you on one level, while helping them understand why you think they will help you in establishing your career in this field. This may include mentioning your background in the field, education, and professional goals tie together to get you where you are now and where you want to be. The following tips may help you get an idea on how you can make your essay stand out from the others.

  • There is no such thing as having the perfect essay or a formula to create one. Just keep in mind that the admission committee may be comprised of more than one person. This means they will likely be different individuals with different opinions, which is okay. They won’t expect every student to submit the same content. This means you can feel more comfortable being yourself when presenting your content.
  • Create a draft that would include details you want to mention about yourself. Read it over and think about it before finalizing it. Make sure details included is what you want to school to learn about you that would be beneficial in getting you accepted.
  • Think about why you wanted to work in this field and how to write about it. There are different reasons why people decide to enter this field, but some were led to it from another career option that had previously. Maybe sharing why you want to work in this field or what led to your conclusion could be something of significance to mention in your essay.
  • Be honest about yourself and your accomplishments. When the school reviews your content they want to learn about you, but it helps to be sincere when presenting details. This helps you become likeable by the school.
  • Seek sample personal essays to read and review. Maybe you can pick out unusual details in them that would help you seek aspects about yourself to include in your own essay.
  • Think about the application itself. What is something you want to the school to know about you that isn’t asked on the application? How would you include this in the essay?