How To Write A Personal Statement For A Job Application

A job statement, is a response to answering the question, of why a Company should hire you. Many companies want a statement to see who you are, and why they should hire you, so they request this statement. This is the time you can boast about your accomplishments, but in a respective manner. It is to tell the company what you can do, and have done, to deserve this position. So here are a few ideas to help with writing a personal statement for a job.

  1. Visualize Your Audience
  2. List Your Achievements
  3. List Your Goals
  4. Outline and Write
  • Visualize Your Audience
  • In many cases this statement will be read by more than one person, and it needs to be able to attract each reader. Just like when an essay was written, it has to be wrote for the audience. So picture who might be reading this statement, and what might they be looking for? Then plan your writing to attract each of them. Plan to put something in there for each different need that is seen to be desired. As such, if someone is more financially minded, then plan to show how your time will be well spent so they will get the most for the money spent. Each need has to be addressed.
  • List Your Achievements
  • You have achieved many things, even while in school. Look at the place you are applying, and find what achievements you have accomplished, that show your worth to the Hiring Company. Did you write any papers that made people highly interested in your thoughts? Did you work for someone in this field while going to school? If so, what did you help with that might show your benefit.
  • List Your Goals
  • A person without goals, is an unmotivated person. No company wants an unmotivated person in their ranks. If you plan to be a manager, or something on that line, tell them. It is a goal they know you will work for. If you have other interests, and this job is to gain experience, say so, experience takes time, so they know you will be there for a while.
  • Outline and Write
  • Just like an essay, outline statatement; introduction, body, and conclusion. Plan to make it look professional. When the outline looks good, and the plan is set, start writing the statement then. Then edit and wait a while and read it again and make sure it still sounds good, if not rewrite it.