Racial struggle in America - Essay Sample

There is racial struggle in America as there is a build up history of rights struggle, equality, and justice for African Americans and other people of race. In South jewel, with its black identity being collective and individual, declares that one is multiracial. Of the approximate 440,000 residents of capital of Georgia, 60% identified as black. Identification of Multiracial in Atlanta certainly leads to racial grilling that personify America’s continuing race struggle. As evidenced from American history, laws and policy have dictated racial identity in America (Schweinitz, 2011).

Mixed race community in America has been mostly undetectable in some ways. Mixed race individuals with black, Mexican, Latino, and Hispanic inheritance were identified more closely with their respective races as they shared experience and history. For instance, being black in America meant a person was a second-class citizens. The civil rights movements of 1960s strived to combat racist practices, institutions, and laws(Schweinitz, 2011).

It strived to address the issue of segregation by passing the civil Rights Act in 1964. Racism was so entrenched in American society in that people from other races were not allowed to vote but the civil rights movements were aggressive and managed to pass the voting rights act in 1965. This opened the way for restoring justice, freedom, and equality in American society.

Hill (1993), argues that, just like the American dream, many people moved to America hoping to find freedom, equality, and opportunity. The promise of togetherness that people from other countries move to America and melt into one and who hard work would transform the world eluded all people all over the world. However, Americans had other idea, that they were created equal but not like other people from all over the globe.

The idea of American dream that anyone can progress in America through hard work melted as Native Americans discriminated other people (Hill, 1993). However, the aggressiveness of civil rights movements in America restored human dignity by fighting all injustices that took place. At the end, racial segregation ended as people of races realized their freedom, equality, and liberty.