How a personal statement should look like

A personal statement should look like a typical essay. It should have an introduction, a body section and a conclusion.


Writing and introduction is much like boarding a bus. One has to know or have a clear idea of where they are going to have a comfortable ride. The same principle applies for a personal essay. The reader must have an idea what they are getting themselves into otherwise they will not pay any attention. The introduction should start with a hook. This could be a statement or story that catches the attention of the reader. Examples could be a famous quote that is relevant or a question. The writer should then give details of the information required for one to understand the essay, explaining the main characters involved and the situations. They should also consider including a thesis, which sets the tone for the whole essay.


The body is the biggest part of the essay. It contains the story introduced in the first section. In the essay, the writer should consider the following. They should consider illustrating to the reader rather than simply telling them. The narration should be such that the descriptions help the person reading feel the same things that the writer felt. It includes using all the five senses in the description. The writer should give all the supportive evidence. Most personal essays have a theme, and the events described in the essay should serve as the supporting evidence contributing and relevant to the theme. The organization of the events should be chronological. The passage of time in the essay should be from the oldest to the most recent of experiences. The writer should also use transitions carefully, moving from one story to another seamlessly. The proper use of transitions will help the reader form connections between one story and the other, hence understand the individual writing.


The conclusion should contain the moral of the story; connecting all the information in the paper to the central theme mentioned in the thesis. In essence, the essay will be meaningless without the conclusion. The conclusion tells the reader why they have been reading all the information provided. It explains to the reader how all the experiences mentioned make the writer who they are.

A personal essay is a journey through the life of the writer, telling the reader about the events that have contributed to them being the person they are at the moment.