Strong Leadership in Business Organizations - Admission Essay Example

A strong leader is a person who due to his vision, honesty, integrity and commitment sets his organization, whether business or non business, on the road to success. The purpose of setting up a business organization is the financial gains, in broad sense, which are not possible without a strong leader. A strong leader can foresee the business opportunities and can take sound decisions to put the organization on the right track. He has the ability to motivate the employees by giving examples and has a charismatic personality. A business organization can not thrive without a strong leader.

As far as the qualities of a strong leader are concerned these can be enumerated as honesty, excellent future vision, integrity, humility, passion and confidence. A good leader must have all these traits amongst others. According to Mills, leadership is a process by which one person affects the thoughts, behaviors and attitudes of others. He further points out that in absence of leadership a group of men quickly degenerate into arguments and conflict. It clearly indicates that a business without leadership will come to a standstill and no further movement will be possible because every employee will try to run it according to his own wishes, which will result into a conflict.

Similarly, a strong leader has the ability to foresee the future and can set goals for the organization prudently which ensure the smooth running of business in future. Strong motivational skill is another characteristic of a strong leader. He has a charismatic personality and attracts the people towards him. His personality is patterned in such a way that others follow him.

A strong leader is a man of integrity which helps in making sound decisions and run the organization in the right direction. In his book “ The Seven Heavenly Virtues of Leadership” Margaret Thorsborne holds the opinion that in troubled workplaces, the problems can only be resolved by leaders with strong integrity. The quality of integrity is essential for a good leader. With a reputation of integrity, leaders gain the trust of others. And this is an essential element of successful business organization.

In short, it can safely be concluded that a business organization can not exist or at least can not run in the long run without a strong leader. In order to be successful both in present and future it must be run by a charismatic leader with a strong vision and sound decision making powers. Lack of a good leader will lead only to chaos inside the organization and nothing else.