Helpful Tutorial For Those Who Got Stuck On Selecting A Topic For A Scholarship Essay

What's more stressful to a student than trying to get a scholarship? How about trying to select a topic for the essay that's going to get them that scholarship? Year round students encounter the same issues of overcoming pressure or anxiety to find the right one.

But the question might be, what is the right topic? The student doesn't necessarily know right from the get go. There are even more details about what goes into finding the right topic and the point where students get stuck. Here we'll look at some helpful ways to get unstuck.

Start With Established Knowledge

It's very rare if it happens at all that a professor will tell the student exactly what they should be writing about. They might hint at the topic but the real way ever student should select their topic is to write what they already know. No matter what subject they're supposed to be writing about, they will make some kind of connection to the material with knowledge they already have.

Start Writing Immediately

The process where students generally get stuck is when they're trying to get their ideas out. The best way to accomplish this is to simply start writing them down. Filling a blank sheet of paper with notes helps the student get a visual of where they need to go with their thought process. In order to do this successfully, the student should:

  • - Never Throw Away An Idea
  • - Not Be Afraid Of Criticism
  • - Spend Time Brainstorming

This part of the process is very important because it connects ideas to the point where the student establishes the foundation of their essay and the first draft.

Revisit And Complete

By this point the student will have a better idea of what their topic is. But that doesn't mean it's complete because they will be revisiting the paper past the first, second and even third draft right up to the point where they turn it in so so the student should understand that they will be spending a lot of time with this paper until that point.


One common problem next to selecting the topic is the lack of time that the student spends writing the paper. Most of the time, they put it off until the last minute. Writing an essay to get a scholarship is extremely important so it's highly recommended that the student spend as much time with their paper as possible so that every thought it analyzed and processed to get the most out of their essay.