7 Things You Should Avoid When Writing Your Admission Essay

When you are ready to start applying to colleges, you will find that most schools will want you to write an admission essay. This type of essay is how your potential school learns who you are. They use the essay to learn your personality and to decide whether or not they believe you will be a good fit for their school. There are some things that you should really avoid when writing your admission essay because it will not give a good impression and may work against you instead of for you.

  1. Don’t write about a time when you were intoxicated or high
  2. This is the type of topic that you want to avoid. You don’t want to write about a time where you were influenced by a drug because this is not the type of student schools are looking for.

  3. Don’t write about a failure you have
  4. Even if you overcome something in life, you shouldn’t write about a failure. You are trying to promote yourself so you wouldn’t want to talk about how you failed.

  5. Don’t write about how great the school is
  6. Don’t toot the school’s horn. They know that you think the school is great because you applied to the school. This is a waste.

  7. Don’t use jargon or text slang
  8. Don’t make the mistake of writing in text slang or using any jargon. This is a formal essay and should follow a proper format using proper English even if it is about one of your personal experiences.

  9. Don’t make things up
  10. Don’t lie in your paper. Just write about yourself. It is really hard for most people to substantiate a lie and if you get caught in a lie, you are doomed.

  11. Don’t just list your accomplishments
  12. You can discuss your accomplishments but don’t just write a list of them and throw it into your paper. This is not an effective way to present these ideas.

  13. Don’t write a super long essay
  14. This essay is usually between 300 and 500 words long. You don’t want to write a novel instead. That is because the board has to read through a bunch of application essays and if yours is too long, they will likely not read it or they will skim through it and that can cause them to misread things.