4 Tips for Writing Better Graduate School Admission Essays

Most students who are applying to graduate school will be required to write an admissions essay, or personal statement. This essay is intended to showcase your interest in a particular field, as well as demonstrate your ability to flourish, should you be accepted. It sounds simple, but for many, the process of writing this essay is very confusing. It can be difficult to decide what to write, what experiences to include, how to approach the essay, et cetera. Here are 4 tips to make the process a little easier:

  • Conduct a self-reflection. Self-reflection will help you categorize your experiences, motivations, inspirations, and aptitude for a particular area of study. When you do your self-reflection, think about the different aspects of your life, such as religious beliefs, personal code of ethics, interests, and desired career. These factors can be very influential in deciding a path of study. For instance, an individual who believes that it is unethical to view individuals of the opposite sex in anything but full-dress may struggle in medical school. Once you have considered all of your beliefs and goals, you can begin to formulate an idea of what you want to study and why.
  • Research the Potential Degree Plans. It is very important to research the different degree plans and programs that interest you, prior to applying. Keep in mind the results of your self-reflection as you look into each program, and eliminate those that you feel may not be a good fit. Also, pay close attention to accreditation and your state requirements, if licensure is required for your desired career.
  • Review the Essay Requirements. Graduate school admission essays often seek a personal statement from the applicant. This means they want to know about your vision, your drive, and your ability to thrive within the academic environment. Make sure you thoroughly understand the essay requirements before you begin the application process.
  • Write the essay.Once you thoroughly understand the essay requirements, you can begin writing. Incorporate elements from your self-reflection and your research into the programs, and use them to demonstrate the depth of consideration you put into your decision to apply to graduate school. Different programs seek different types of students, so make the essay area-specific. Be sure to follow the prompt, if one was given, and always proofread and revise before you submit your essay!

Writing a graduate school admission essay can be an intimidating task, but if you prepare well in advance and follow these 4 helpful tips, you can produce an essay that showcases why you are the right candidate for your program of choice!