12 Winning Personal Statement Essay Topics To Consider

When you’re applying to university, your personal statement essay is vital. If you’d like to stand out from the thousands of other applicants, you need to choose an excellent topic. Have a look at this list of 12 winning personal statement topics to find a great one for yourself.

  • - Your most quirky features
  • Everyone has some quirky feature or small eccentricity. What is the quirky feature that makes you different from everyone else?

  • - Rules, laws and theories
  • All subjects have their own sets of rules and laws. Warm air rises. Three strikes and you’re out. The law of diminishing returns. Which rule or law resonates with you? Why?

  • - Yourself
  • You are, after all, the foremost expert on yourself. Who are you, really?

  • - Uniqueness of your chosen profession
  • Each profession has certain things that no other profession can offer. What do you think the profession you’re applying to study for can offer that no other professions can offer?

  • - People who have influenced you
  • The people in our lives have influenced all of us somehow. Which person influenced you in a unique way?

  • - An unexpected gift
  • Everyone has received an unexpected gift in his or her life. What unexpected gift did you receive?

  • - Something you want the admissions committee to know about you
  • Not all aspects of an individual are covered in admission requirements. Is there something else that you think the admissions committee should know about you?

  • - Why you’re suitable for the course you’re applying to study
  • You obviously think you are suitable for the course you’re applying to. What skills, experiences and characteristics do you think make you suitable?

  • - A moral dilemma
  • Throughout our lives, we are faced with moral dilemmas. What moral dilemmas have you faced? How did you deal with them?

  • Most people apply to study for a certain profession because they believe they can add some value to it. What value do you think you can add?

  • - Experiences that will help you succeed in your chosen profession
  • Each of us has certain experiences that may help us succeed in a certain profession. What experiences do you think will help you succeed?

  • - A lesser known poem, song or book that had a big impact on you
  • There are many lesser-known works that are extremely moving. Which poem, song or book has had a major impact on you? How did it impact you?