15 Best Topics for Persuasive Speeches

When you need to persuade a difficult audience towards your line of thinking, you need to make sure that the topic of choice – the reason you’re giving the speech – is valid enough to actually make people care. Below, we’ve discovered the 15 most intriguing topics for persuasive speeches. Scan through and see which topic interests you!

  1. Educational Rules. From school uniforms to school day length, there are a million points to argue when you address the “rules” that surround the modern education system.
  2. Death Penalty. This is a huge moral dilemma for thousands, and a great speech topic. Base your specific argument on where you live and the regulations that apply – are you for, or are you against?
  3. Sexual Education. A topic even more shocking than general educational rules, you’ll have fun forming a speech about the benefits, harms or changes to make with sexual education.
  4. Poverty. The disparity between rich and poor will always plague mankind, and addressing it in a persuasive speech is a great way to contribute to this age-old conflict.
  5. Healthy Food. Is fast food good for you? Should there be laws about certain food production? Pick a side on a food-related issue and run with your speech!
  6. Gun Control. A sensitive issue, it is nonetheless a prime topic, so approach with caution – as well as enthusiasm.
  7. Gay Marriage. Another touchy subject that’s gained international attention, pick which side of the gay marriage argument you reside on.
  8. Immigration. How do you feel about immigration laws? Make your opinion heard in a stunning persuasive speech.
  9. Raising Children. How to raise children, what influences to avoid, when to discipline or grant leeway – these are questions that haunt everyone, even if they aren’t necessarily a parent yet.
  10. Business laws. Inspire an entire audience by addressing the big issues surrounding business laws – from ethical responsibilities to monopolies.
  11. Social Media. Are you linked in? Take a side on the impacts, effects or reasoning behind modern-day social media.
  12. Religion and Education. Since the turn of the century this has been a hot topic, and this is no less true today – so get to writing on the relationship between religion and education!
  13. Crime and Punishment. Are the punishments equal to the crime? You decide in your persuasive speech.
  14. Censorship. How much is too much – or how little is too little? Write a persuasive speech on modern censorship and you’ll have all ears listening.
  15. Your Passionate Topic. If you’re truly passionate about some local, world or theological issue, then write on that – it will make your speech fierce and inspiring.